Product and Mould Design

Where required, our in-house designers will critique your product design and advise you on design improvements that will improve tooling and moulding, part weight reduction, cycle time reduction, improve assembly and material selection.  No design changes are carried out without client consent.  Moldflow analysis is carried out to identify potential problems prior to manufacture.  This also ensures that the optimum gate type and position are selected as well as determining cooling and venting requirements.  Where you do not have a preferred hot runner supplier, we will use our expert knowledge and experience to select the most suitable hot runner type and supplier for your project.

Our designers use the latest 3D solid modelling software to design the mould as an assembly.

Particular attention is taken to optimise cooling and venting to ensure the highest quality parts at keen cycle times.  Steel selection, use of special high thermal conductivity steels and Moldmax, the heat treatment process and specialist surface coatings are carefully selected to ensure trouble free running and longevity.

Critical impression details have a tolerance to ensure accurate interchangeability and aid future spares manufacture and assembly.

We can import all common CAD formats although Parasolid or Step is preferred.  On tooling completion, updated 3D CAD data for all mould details are supplied to the client together with a full parts list, material and heat treatment certificates, full mould care manual (including moulding settings), full hot runner details and a preventative maintenance plan and procedures.

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